Thisquestion must be MacGrath Cole, in his capacity Mutant with electricforces, Infamous 2 now for the second time in place. Actually, thisquestion is not Cole, who just a collection of polygons is yes, butthe man on the controller determines the future of the former bikemessenger. As a player, it forces the character to your decisions,directs their skills either for good or evil.And Cole's actions, thefate of humanity depends on there, you will at the same time acreator or destroyer.Phew! Pretty much responsibility, because thislittle disc slumbers on. Should all the stress that is really on thetake or Infamous 2 leave the store better? Since we do not believe incompromises, we have adventure on both the good and the bad sideplayed through it.

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After the shocking, surprising end ofthe first part Cole prepares for the fight against the beast, a huge,red glowing monster that murdering the American Cities moves andleaves behind only smoking ruins. But the inevitable confrontation isnot good for the reluctant hero: from the short but fierce battlewith the monster he is so exhausted that he loses a part of hisforces. Together with his friend Zeke and the NSA agent Lucy Cole Kuofled from the ruined Empire City to New Marais, a gloomy,flood-stricken southern metropolis in the style of New Orleans. Therehe meets Dr. Wolfe, who entrusted him a strange device: the glowingblue ball to Cole with the beast that is New approaches Maraisunstoppable energy emanating from everyone.