Metro: Last Light is "one of the best games of this generation,"the developer promises at least 4A games.And although the start ofthe E3 presentation where we subway shooter in the inspectiontake.

Okay, great words.However occurs Metro: Last Light, alarge graphic heritage, its previousMetro 2033class saw off - as longas you go underground was.The upper world turned out to be less thanfascinating and comparatively detailarm.

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Accordingly, the E3 show starts not ina tunnel, but to the upper world, in the ravaged post-apocalypticurban canyons of Moscow.From a church ruin the camera glides overdead prefabricated buildings and a road on which are stacked wreckedcars.The scene has already made much more affectionate than thepredecessor.

A voice explains the back story, we donot, however, say too much - could be that someone still wants toplay Metro 2033rdSo let's say simply: Last Light builds (obviously)to only one of the previous two ends, the situation calmed down atthe surface slowly.