For Shadows of the Damned, three legends of the game industry haveteamed up: Suda 51, the totally wacky mind behind games likeNo MoreHeroes,Resident Evilcreator Shinji Mikami andSilent HillComposerAkira Yamaoka.So what should be on the game, expect for thePlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 appear?Ingenious, atmospheric horror inthe style of Resident Evil and Silent Hill, combined with some wackyideas of the brand No More Heroes?

Not quite.The game carries Although thegloomy handwriting of the two survival-horror-makers are, in the endbut rather the way that Suda 51 for the glorious game design holds:the fine line between absurd Bad-Taste-wit and hammerplattem "Onthe Twelve"-Brachialgekloppe .So you immigrated as a demonhunter Garcia Hotspur through beautiful dark worlds of hell, but itis not scary here.Rather than saying that you must totally turned oncreature designs, be÷mmeln something splatter and many off-jokes.

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Garcia Hotspur, an increase over andabove tattooed mix of Danny Trejo ("Machete") and vampirekiller Buffy Summers, along with his buddy Johnson, a talking andshape-shifting demon skull, in the Hell, in order to free his friendPaula from the clutches of a powerful demon.Johnson can beconveniently turned into a torch to the atmospheric, dark hellishworld of the game to brighten a little.In addition, the skull-mouthedwhen needed gun, machine gun or shotgun.Garcia and Johnson penetratefarther into the depths of hell, the more transformation plans fornew weapons can find them both.