Lara Croft is and remains an anomaly. By this we mean neither theirfluctuating miraculously still bust their increasingly lifelike hairblowing in the wind. This hero is no automatic guarantee long-lastinghit, just think of numerous selbstparodistische almost James Bond-Roger Moore with stripes or the absurd Batman & Robin , of thedark knight for almost a decade drove out of the cinema.

Passť is all that happened in previous episodes, because Tomb Raideris nothing else than a complete reboot of the series. This new Germanword gave us on the silver screen gems like Batman Begins, CasinoRoyale and Star Trek. Also, Crystal Dynamics makes a clean sweep with15 years of history: In Tomb Raider it controls a mere 21 year oldLara, who by no means with cool permeability to a onrushing lionshoots, while with a back flip grabs a vine, in order to escape anopening crevice. Instead, their companions with a timid, naive andinexperienced, especially Lara encourage him more than once.

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Tomb Raider extremely different fromanything we have ever done," implores Charles Stewart. TheIrishman with a German name watches at Crystal Dynamics as a globalbrand director on the global destiny of Lara Croft and has workedwith all predecessors created there.

This is what we get in the first fewminutes of the game to see. Our heroine is found tied up and danglingfrom a rope upside down again in a dark cave. "You can watchjust to the right and left move and have to think about how out ofher predicament escape," explains Karl Stewart the problem.