Capcom isinterested in the implementation of the Resident Evil series toNintendo's new Wii console underground. This revealed the RaccoonCity Producer Masachika Kawata to the games page CVG. Lay concreteplans at present not yet available, but by the touchscreencontroller, would result in interesting ways.

"Whether we will actually developResident Evil for the Wii U, we have first before the outside,because we know it is still not easy," so Kawata. "But Ipersonally would love to do. [Wii U] is a very interesting piece ofhardware."

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"Whenever I see new consoles andtheir possibilities, the only way ideas flow in upon me. One ResidentEvil to [the Wii U] would be great. The idea that I can arrive tocontinue playing even when my wife or my kids and take away the TV -that's great, brilliant ".

And Kenji Matsuura, designer ofResident Evil: Raccoon City , is enthusiastic: "As gamedesigners were my first thoughts on the Wii U 'Wow, I could trysomething on it' or 'How would probably look to play X'. Mymotivation is happening now through the roof. "