Right at the start of the game is clear: It's time for something tyranny! You wake in Akimi Village on a floating island that is inhabited by a cuddly dwarf people (the Akimi). Tragically, this island by a mysterious dark cloud is haunted. So does one get to work properly again and brings light into the world. And that's only by focusing on the despotic ruler of the Akimi soars and the slightly poorer guy forced to do hard drudgery to a big-city Akimi build.

This means: grabbing the tiny, assigns tasks (reducing raw materials, transporting materials, work in workshops) to operate without regard for the environmental depletion of any resource within reach and pull it more and more building up - in short, create one as ruler of hard infrastructure as smooth as possible.

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While one always sits a sleepy ball of fur at the neck end guck (quasi your principal and mentor), but this is only a pseudo-witty character who spans a negligible background story. The story drives the ruler's ambitions no progress. It's more relaxed feeling that sets in during the Tyrannentum cozy.