Eighteenth Century: Henry Blake, once aproud officer in the Royal Navy will be revealed during a battle andtaken prisoner.Four years, he ekes out his existence in a gloomydungeon, to help him unusual friends on the day of his execution toescape.Regained his freedom is now filled with a bloody vengeance.

That's the basic story to Gameloft'saction game backstab, the users of Sony's Xperia play known eachother since April.The iPhone and iPad implementation is a port of theoriginal and fortunately appeared as a dual version.The title isbased on rough play Assassin's Creed.The story follows freed HenryBlake, the old companions, their own horse receives from vendorsfound belongings sold, hired as a contract killer and met somepirates even with dubious.

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There are real stealth like AC, it doesnot, however: The game tempo remains high at all times.The game isinterrupted by the occasional mini-game inserts.Whether you have nowkilled rabbits for lunch (an honorable job for a former officer) orsunk enemy ships with guns - there is always something to do forBlake, until he can finally take revenge.

If an action is entitled to control thetechnology of the most important key to the game fun.Gameloft hasdone nothing wrong and simply kept the control.The default setting ison the left half of the area for the control of Blake himself, theright is the camera and thus rotated, the viewing angle.In combatthere before wild-button mashing, unless it succeeds, oneunidentified enemy attack from behind.