Constructed so that the brain cells buthave quite some things to do, you roll through 3D labyrinths of thesmall boxes are louder.These squares take on all sorts of forms, eachwith a specific, logical effect.Spikes destroy their own ball aswell, such as flaming grill fields.Crumbly platforms crumble when youroll over it and ice fields on the gold marble slips automatically inone direction.So when you get beamed in the level, first thought iscalled for.The first puzzles are solved in no time yet, but soon ithatches first few times, until you find the right path through the 3Dstructure.How do you get all the sunflower, without real damper onthe way back to the exit?

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First, learning curve together andclaim more than one round thing.The game introduces beginners withbaby steps closer to the puzzle.At the same time pulls the complexityof the puzzles in just the right amount of.The motivation to continueplaying, because you always feel grown up to the challenge, althoughonepuzzle dimensionbangs head crunchy nuts right now before themarble.A man thinks he is entirely innocent: "I have beenplaying fast times," a round, and before you know it, youknobelt several hours at a stretch.A little genre should be affinebut obviously well be.