The thirdmap pack "annihilation" for Activision's flagshipshooterCall of Duty: Modern Warfareis available on the XboxMarketplace to download and offers all the Black Ops veteran newgaming fodder.

The map "Drive In" is closelymodeled on the famous "Nuketown," is thus designed forquick battles in a short distance This time it is not an artabandoned settlement, but an untapped American diner and gas-stationin a filthy environment and destroyed.Warehouses, mobile homes anddebris dominate the picture.why is the most happening place on alevel there is little opportunity to take meaningful from an elevatedposition from his opponent under fire.

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Also, the large advertising board,despite the platform, which provides a good overview of thebattlefield, because there is inadequate a highly visible and easytarget.SMGs are the preferred choice of weapons in the mazeenvironment.Anyone who ever wanted to know me, would look like ablack ops arcade machine, which takes place two of them on the map,including an MP 40 as a controller.'s "Drive In" one of twomaps of the DLCs, the usual graphically some of the fall under butcontribute no new gameplay elements.