Arkane Studios, the team behind Arx Fatalis ,Dark Messiah of Mightand Magic and the selected project The Crossing works for thepublisher Bethesda Softworks for Dishonored .This is a "first-personaction game will" and in 2012 released on PC, Xbox 360 andPlayStation 3. The PC version will appear in the Games for Windowsprogram.

Dishonored should give the players freerein to allow according to the playing style of both stealth andaction game as well Cruel practices.Anyone who wants to can even playthrough Dishonored without killing even one person or draw as a massmurderer by the country. In addition to serious moral choices affectthe game world and "have" not only more dialogue options.

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What exactly is this game world is, as yet unknown. With the boat atArcane sit Deus Ex designer Harvey Smith and Half-Life 2ConceptArtist Viktor Antonov. The latter had been at Valve, the Combinebuildings in City designed 17 and also the first artwork forDishonored similar to that style. More details Bethesda would soon beon the reveal official website , the U.S. magazine Game Informer willDishonored dedicate the next issue, the cover story .