The first-person shooterCall of Duty 3released.And as with anyCoD-part, many buyers will ignore the singleplayer campaign and tryit out completely, the heart of the series, the multiplayermode.Without much surprise, this multiplayer mode is likely to thatof the predecessor will be very similar.Nevertheless, the developersat Infinity Ward do some things differently than we did inModernWarfare 2.The changes you find in the details.

Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward Creative Strategist, has a UKwebsiteKotakuabout the map design ofModern Warfarethreechatted.According to the maps in BowlingModern Warfare threemoreof the firstModern Warfare-oriented part, as inModern Warfare 2.Sunhad been inMW2to put on excessive vertical combat, each map had tohave several levels.So we wanted toMW3little more cautious and avoidcontact higher levels only where it actually makes sense.

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Further, they intend to reduce thefocus on things like air support, and Perks Killstreaks something toget back the feel ofCall of Duty 4to be able to capture.Of thefast-infantry combat with "Gun-on-gun gameplay", it hadbeen inWorld at War 2too much away.Also, place great value on thatso-called hotspots, so places that are very popular with campers orsnipers, no longer appear as often.If the player runs over a map orsneaking around a corner, he should never have to worry about morethan five of these hotspots thoughts.