Gears ofWar 3will inspire newcomers to the series."We have filed withthe controls, the third part is the easiest" to get started,said Rod Fergusson of Epic Games at a panel at Comic Con.Thisbeginner-friendly approach also applies to the multiplayer mode arenot stored in th player profile or achievements of the predecessorsof the beta 3 can be part of the user in addition to the normal mode,also known as Casual Mode.This game is much easier, as it is byAim-Assist with automatic target assistance."Who knows, Part 1and 2, should not play the casual," so Blesziniski.Evenfour-player cooperative mode, each participant can choose their owndifficulty.

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Speaking of Multiplayer: The popularHorde mode is also back again.The makers of it have changed slightlyand we hope that the innovations are well received.Gears of War in 3there will be dedicated servers for the multiplayer mode.Theseservers can be configured to launch the weapon is changed.And oneCliff Bleszinski is in any case clearly: "The God of War-nationmay be smaller than the cod-nation.But she is loyal and friendly.AndI prefer."