The role-playing gameThe Elder Scrolls V: The Old Republicis knownonly on 11November 2011 on the market.The developer BethesdaSoftworks thinks, however, already have the time after the release by-. And potential DLC (Downloadable Content)Todd Howard, hischaracter's Game Director at Bethesda, saidin an interviewthat theystill did not know what exactly is in this respect will do.However,he tend to develop something great, that'll cost a bit more.He wouldrather deliver a complete package rather than smaller downloadchunks.He was getting quality over quantity here.

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As a comparison, Howard moves includingthe download expansion, The Pittfor the role-playing gameFallout3approached.This would be in respect of a DLC for The Elder ScrollsV: Skyrim even surpass.In addition, Howard approached the developmentstudio called Rockstar Games as a positive example for downloadextensions.With this team, the DLC would feel more like addons, whata good way.