With therelease of Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Publisher Capcom tookone earlier this month a new storage system for Nintendo 3DS. Quiteto the chagrin of buyers Scores are not longer stored on the console,but on the game cartridge. From there they can be only with the helpof additional peripherals to remove.

The new system, it is not possible torestore a game back in his purchasing-state, which also makes aresale on the used market no longer makes sense. Despite massivecriticism and a boycott of trader, appears with Namco Bandai nowanother publisher at the new memory model must follow.

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As the technology magazine Wired claimsto have learned from intra-industry sources, it is also in Pac Manand Galaga Dimensions not be possible to remove scores again from the3DS cartridge. Namco Bandai has been rumored but not confirmedofficially.