In any case, would stream from theunpopular Online Pass dissociate from Electronic Arts. "I do notthink there is an online pass, I think it's our own system. I'm notsure I would describe our system as an online passport ", thevague statement of the producer.

With the online passport that accompanied the once-usable code to thegame or be purchased separately had buyers of used, among otherthings, EA Dead Space 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 fitted, whichresulted depending on the title and platform used to differentconstraints.Thus, the multiplayer in Bad Company 2 was available onthe Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in the version used for the most part.The players could unlock all the ranks and had to give only somecards, and later published the VIP pack. On the PC, the game was tiedon the other hand firmly on an EA account and can not therefore besold separately.

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In Dead Space 2 for the online consolegame without a passport, however, was only possible for two daysbefore a bought code was necessary for the multiplayer. Again, acorresponding counterpart was missing on the PC, so had to give usedcar buyers in general on the multiplayer part.