About 100people work in Annecy (pronounced "Annzi") only to themultiplayer Meucheleien of Assassin's Creed: Revelations. One maywonder why Ubisoft operates at all such an effort for a game thatwill buy a majority of players probably only because of thesingle-player campaign. One of the unwritten rules of the publishersand developers is this:!. "Keep your game out of the Gamestopam," then, "See that your game is not in the grab bag ofGameStop lands" And how is that done? By accounts, by requiringregistration multiplayer modes, by an inseparable bond of the playerto the game.

Surely this is also a piece ofmotivation, but about 100 people muddle let alone for it to, we would(and probably also Ubisoft) describe as exaggerated. Rather, we hadthe impression that efforts are being really and truly in Annecy, themultiplayer Meucheleien to make catchy, challenging and motivating aspossible. Put another way: We have the old modes of play Manhunt,Wanted and the new Artifact Assault and Deathmatch enormous mood muchpreparing.

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New, however, are Artifact Assault andDeathmatch. The first, is a principle to the Assassin's Creed-adaptedCapture the Flag variant. On the maps there are two territories,which is a part of Team A, the other team as if now entering a playerfrom Team A to the area of team B to filch the flag, he can not findanyone to kill, but bashing only briefly unconscious. The members ofTeam B must bump off the intruder, however, cheerfully. Logically, itbehaves the same with Team B in the territory of Team A.