The game developer id Software is the inventor of the most popularmultiplayer modes at all.Deathmatch. Why is the multiplayer mode ofthe upcoming shooter Rage away from this traditional virtue, TimWillits, creative director of the company's website' Rage offers a unique multiplayer experience,nothing to do withthe standard-foot deathmatch have, we have invented, " Willitsexplains. "We wanted Rage stands for itself.

We did not want a shooter off the rackand tear ourselves away from this mode. "The Combat Rally Mode,compete in up to six players in armored vehicles against each other,was created according to Willits from the joy of driving and shootingduring the campaign. "We realized that it was damn much fun todrive, turn and fight opponents rivets. So we decided to let theplayers can do that with their friends. "In addition to theCombat rally mode was previously a co-op mode for the multiplayerpart of the game announced.

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Whether the entire campaign of the gamecan be contested in Koop, or whether selected missions is to invitethe common games is not yet clear."Everyone loves it with hisfriends to shoot at things, so we offer a rage of a co-op component.We think that Rage has much to offer and therefore it is okay to dosomething different."