Paul WAS Anderson is in the fifth Resident Evil-film re-take on thedirector's chair. This was confirmed by the multitalented todaycompared to the industry magazine MCV. Anderson was a producer andwriter for all the previous films and resulted in part one and partfour directing.

As the director confirmed the shootingto begin in nine weeks. The theatrical release is scheduled for 14September 2012.Anderson's wife, model and actress Milla Jovovich,will take over the zombie strip back the tough role of Alice. Ontheir side, Ali Larter as Claire Redfield and joined by SiennaGuillory as Jill Valentine.

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To the action of Resident Evil:Retribution are now unfortunately no further details. Probably,however, that the story line directly to the events of itspredecessor, Resident Evil: Afterlife linked, had escaped into theAlice & Co. from a prison island.