A few days ago caused a new screenshot ofPrey 2 for rumors emergeaccording to which the protagonist of the first part is also in thesequel. Those rumors have now been confirmed by developer Human HeadStudios Studio. Compared to the English website IGNconfirmed ChrisRhinehart of Human Heads, that the Cherokee Indians Tommy in Prey 2will appear.

The player can not only meet him, Tommy is also an important role inthe story are: "Tommy is a character that the players quiteoften during Prey 2 will face He will not show up only briefly, he isan important factor.. the history and the events on planet Exodus.Its unique properties such as the Spirit Walk and Walk of Death havevery much to the history ofPrey 2 to do."

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Human Head Studios wanted Tommyintegrate from the beginning in the story, but just tell otherstories from the Prey universe: "We want to enlarge the universeand show the maximum depth of new character, different mechanics, newlook, but Tommy is. still an important character.