Bruce Willis makes it in all-Die Slowly sequels: From the glory ofbeing a hero, can you afford to buy anything - least of all a happyand fulfilling life. Well, the nameless savior of the world's firstRisen can understand the dilemma quite Willis. He has defeated theevil inquisitor, a powerful titans spellbound, preserves a completeisland from destruction and have gotten to the pirate girl of hisdreams. But back to the mainland, no man more interested in it.

Who cares about a sparsely inhabitedrocks in the sea, especially since now not only on that island, butall over the world, the Titans are going on and pull through the landdestroying everything. At the beginning of Risen 2: Dark Waters,which plays for about ten years after the events of the first part,the hero is broke, drunk, broke and left.

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All waterways are impassable due tofierce sea monster, only the pirates know the secret for a safepassage. it is the all-powerful Inquisition, of course, more thaninterested. As our hero, his past, the Pirate's Daughter Patty, meetagain, sends the Inquisition, both on the island Takarigua in orderto steel Patty's father Bart, the pirate, to locate them.