Emancipationdoes not stop at fighting games. GETTINGArcana Heart 3 out wellwithout men, and instead waits for an all-female squad to. The ladiesare not only powerful, but also offer something for the eyes at leastfor character designs Japanese friends.

Arcana Heart is a classic 2D Beat'em Up3: two opponents face each other and beat each other for so long one,until one of the energy bar is empty. The combat system is just assimple as it is counterintuitive: there are three buttons for attacksof different strength Friends Far East fighting games already knowthe Blazblue.

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The last of the four buttons isreserved for the homing move, which moves your girl at breakneckspeed towards the opponent. This proves extremely useful because thenthe enemy brat never escapes, and disturbs her when she prepared anelaborate special attack from a distance. Will you leave yourself apowerful special move from the stack, as it is in every beat 'em up:Run key combinations to memorize, with the Control Stick orsemicircles quick left-right movements and Pressinghammers.Naturally, this comes with a standard controller somewhatdifficult.

Neither the analog stick, or the spongydigital control pad provide the necessary precision. So it would beonce again a good opportunity, purchased the expensive arcade boardto dig out of the closet, if any. In a pinch but it also works withthe regular controller.Exemplary: the buttons are freelyprogrammable. During the battle, automatically fills up the Forcebar. Is it a hundred percent change your fair maiden on a button inthe "Extend Force" form, making their attacks are strongerand they can temporarily perform other attacks.