Samurai Shodown Sen is the latestchapter in a series was born of Neo Geo arcade and game room for inthe early '90s at the hands of SNK Playmore, formerly the author ofbig shots such as Fatal Fury and King of Fighters. In those years, inwhich in two dimensions piacchiaduro lived their golden era, SamuraiShodown series is distinguished from competitors (the Street Fightersaga of all) thanks to some special characteristics, among which theEastern background, the ' introduction of weapons in combat andgameplay as well as the technical aspects more strongly focused onthe combination of counter-defense.

Samurai Shodown Sen confirms the use ofthe third dimension, already tested in previous installments of theseries, and it portrays the features highlighted just so alongside acombat system based on the use of weapons to a wide range of playablecharacters: between 24 fighters find the icons available in theseries (like Haohmaru, Hanzo, Ukyo, Galford and Jubei) and some newentries such as the Korean fighter Kim Hae-Ryeong, the Afro Samurai Jand the mighty Viking Garros.

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The various characters are alsodistinguished according to their own fighting style, depending onwhether it is voted to the speed of movement, precision or power ofthe sink rather than the ability to evade opponent attacks. To detectthe presence of a bar during the clashes secondary, in addition toreferring to health, showing the level of "anger" variabledepending on the damage, once filled, it can unleash their ownattacks with more power and speed, so can possibly turn the tide ofthe match in progress.