We learn that Electronic Arts hasdecided to limit the number of units of BioWare's MMORPG Star Wars:The Old Republic will be available at the end of the game a businessdecision rather strange since the whole point of the genre isprecisely to consolidate the servers up to players. But this isexplained on the side of the editor through the prism capacityservers. EA expects digital Star Wars has such a success at itslaunch that it wishes to maintain its servers and offer players thefirst game ideal conditions, even limiting the number of keysinitially sold before to adapt the capacity of its servers in thefuture.

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"We want at all costs that theplaying conditions are perfect at launch, and we have no choice butto limit the number copies of the game that we sell to control theinflux of players. All versions of the game are available forpre-sale in limited quantities and once they are sold, it will be toolate to help launch "said a spokesman for EA to Gamasutra,without revealing the exact number copies of the game will beavailable for output.