After theDriver series in recent years in the player's favor rather belongedto the dark park, the producers have made extensive thought and arenow trying a refurbished driver to take to the track. Driver: SanFrancisco will offer more freedom of action and variety, withouthaving to scrap the basic game idea of what was then groundbreakingdebut.

Create a story with a twist-shiftconditions for the developers. John Tanner, the protagonist falls atthe beginning of the game after a fast-paced chase with archenemyJericho into a coma. Henceforth, his body is chained to the bedside.The astral body of tough cops do not come to rest, however, hoversover San Francisco, where it holds out for missions. To specificplaces or cars glowing icons that you select appear comfortable inthe shift mode. Bird Tanner takes over, like "Back in the cultseries" in the past, the body of a foreign people - and thustheir vehicle.

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Only afteryou have taken over a host body, the game switches to the standardfor racing games pursuers, first-person or cockpit view of the car.Luckily you're not tied to a cart. Simply pressing a button you'llswitch to another set of wheels of your choice. Odes Gelatsche Driver 3 Driver is available in: San Francisco does not. As a sourceof inspiration for the shift mode according to Edmondson was the wayGoogle Earth. And indeed the mode reminiscent, at least visually tothe card program.

Tanner course is not for pure pastimedisembodied way. With his gift, he follows the trail of the villainJericho, the series veterans should not even know the first part. Theadventure begins in the sports car of two henchmen of drug dealer whoescape just before the police. Our first task is relatively simple:we want to escape in their car "shifting" and the lawenforcers to us afterwards to meet with an informant. So we peek outof the air after the vehicle, press the X button and sit in no timebehind the wheel of the cart, with the sirens of pursuers neck.