Almostthree years after the first announcement of Dragon Quest X forNintendo Wii, the publisher Square Enix has now given someinformation to the known role-playing game. The most important one:Dragon Quest X is an online role-playing game "will appear,perhaps," 2012th That said, the makers of Dragon Quest series,Yuji Horii, at an event in Tokyo. There also some scenes were shown.A-U Wii version of Dragon Quest X is also planned, but this isexpected to appear until 2013.

Bothversions will be financed through a subscription model. This is theofficial website out. Even Nintendo's handheld 3DS is supported. Thiscan be replaced with a day pass data to other players. The main focusof Dragon Quest X will be on cooperative online play. One can andshould work together with other players in the solution of thequests. The game can also play offline, then the player must seekhelp from NPCs. Astortia The game world is divided into fivecontinents, the character can be chosen from one of five races.

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Dragon Quest X will include a jobsystem, which should however be implemented only after the officialrelease 2012th In addition, there should be in the game world, onlinerole-playing typical special events around the calendar year, atHalloween or New Year. Graphically, Dragon Quest X series typicallykept in Cel-shaded style. Between sequences are designed by StudioVisual Works, which already render the trailer for Deus Ex:.'ve Madehuman revolution and Raider Tomb Dragon Quest X is also the firstgame with two colons in the name.