Equal first:Radiant Silvergunhas its place in theXbox marketplacedefinitely deserves.Until now it is just a few western gamers haveever seen.Finally, the thing has only been released in Japan in 1998,first as a machine and then as an implementation for the Sega Saturn.Radiant Silvergun did not stay long on the shelves, but developerTreasure programmed soon after the famous Ikarugaand Schwuppdiwupphave cemented the ladies and gentlemen its reputation as a shooterspecialists.

As befits a hefty remake, also hasRadiant Silvergun get the obligatory makeover.The graphics werehighly polished to a high-level, because of the blocky textures yousee the shooter but at his age anyway.When aspect ratio has howevernot done.There is only 4:3 and the rest of the shooting festival isfilled with game ads.Who wants to gamble after all, even in theoriginal Saturn graphics. There are no objections during thesound.The music moves now as then, we have even caught yourselfhumming along.In addition, now have an online co-op mode for twoplayers on board and the usual trinkets leaderboard high score forall hunters.Otherwise it has remained the traditional, indestructibleshooter principle faithfully.

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Anyone who has ever gambled in hiscareer a shooter that looks at the first screenshot is what ofRadiant Silvergun is: As to the teeth armed spaceship slips one sentby enemy fire and blow every second, all alien space fleet of thescreen.In its simplicity and fun factor in this classic setting isunsurpassed.Since there are video games, shooting games are such aguarantee for sore thumbs, beads of sweat on his forehead and simplefun. Although, quite as simple as it sounds, Radiant Silvergun isthen not.In other shooters, there are maybe two or three differentshots and even a special weapon upgrades to the blank screenremoved.Not so with Radiant Silvergun: The player has seven differentspaceship weapons on board, each with its own function.