Another bend, then comes the finalstretch. Now just make any mistakes. A brake failure can make 58laps, hard and sweaty work destroyed. So slow down gently, slide intothe curve, and keep on top of that the enemy at bay. We pet the curband come to the final sprint through the gas pedal almost floor plateof our cars .. The engine howls deafening, we almost feel like wepressed the G-forces on the sofa.The finish line is approaching andwith it our first victory over the full distance - Check!

By pressing a button the pilotactivates the energy recovery system KERS (Kinetic Energy RecoverySystem) that provides the engine for a few more hp. It is an electricmotor comes into action, which is operated by previously stored(braking) energy. KERS is particularly helpful when accelerating, orabout on the way out of corners. In contrast, DRS should be (DragReduction System) used on long straights, because the car loses theuse of pressure.

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A rear wing folded upwards and thusreduces the drag. This gives the vehicle about 15 mph more speed. Inthe slipstream of an opponent has one good with DRS. Both KERS aswell as DRS, the makers have clearly visible in the HUD bottom rightparked next to the speedometer (see box), activated just like thereal Formula 1 drivers, its the little "afterburner" bybutton.