As of October, DC Universe Online - thesuper-hero MMORPG from Sony Online Entertainment - pass on a modelFree-To-Play. For as he was acclaimed by fans of the genre, thenumber of subscriptions has not taken off and the critical mass thatwould have allowed the game to be profitable has not been reached.That's why SOE announced that PC and PS3 versions of the game willnow be distributed free, chech the publisher to generate revenue onthe Freemium model with three distinct levels of access to the gameaccording to the in-game purchases of Store the SOE (Free, Premiumand Legendary).

Premium level will be immediatelyaccessible to players who have already spent at least $ 5micro-transactions before DCUO does Free-To-Play. Premium level thatunlocks the boxes of inventory, provides access to additionalcharacters and raises the limit of money that can be stored by theplayer.

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With 2 million active players on longenough, EA would probably sufficient enough to recoup the cost of hisMMO development ... but not enough to really compete with World ofWarcraft, the untouchable leader in MMO subscription. And only realbig on the success of such mass-market in the end?