This is the rough story for theupcoming movie "Real Steel," won the starring Hugh Jackmanis a prominent driving force in early October and starts with us. Thefilm with computer-generated robots, which hire out as a boxer,offers merchandise for companies, of course, a lot of material. Ofcourse there is also a video game. This can be part of the storyabout the people behind and focus on the fights between the giantsweighing several tons.

Eight fighters are included in RealSteel. Four are available at the beginning, the rest of the movievillain robot including Midas will be unlocked after the first playthrough. In tournament mode, one can select a machine and competeagainst one of the other lumps. Midas is always the boss. Each battleis only one round. After a win, the robot receives an upgrade item,can improve the body attributes. Otherwise, there is a mode forindividual fights and a training section.

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If we would start a poll, what is the most important aspect of a fighting gamewould be, with absolute certainty the following response from theranks of our readers: control. Real Steel breaks with tradition,unfortunately, not completely messed up movie and game fails in themost important point on the board.