The Gunstringer tells the story ofGunstringer, skeletal a gunman after a shot scored with his band, isbetrayed and buried under three meters of land. Miraculouslysurviving, he begins his personal battle of revenge and redemption ina sauce typically parody as we have always used the developers ofTwisted Pixel. The game makes for the most part of the story settingpretty classic shooter on rails, alternating with other sections inthe 3D side-scrolling 2D the tastes are back.

In addition to the shooting sectionsare typically a few moments where we take care of the platform as notto drop our gunslinger blacks in holes or other amenities of thistype rather than shoot. Fortunately the Kinect helps us through anear-perfect calibration of the device, which recognizes ourmovements and we stand is that we play and sitting with a time ofimmediate reaction. The game has a learning curve that is growingsteadily and never abrupt, giving the player time to get comfortablewith the game controls and all of its mechanical properties makingsure that the title can be played by both large and small.

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Tokill our former comrades we find ourselves wandering through the WildWest through all the classic situation of those territories: sandybeaches, canyons, assaults on the train and the inevitable ghosttowns. All these landscapes have been made in a very cartoon andcaricature, just to emphasize the most of all those clichés that theworld is the west door, told by movies and books.