There are not many in this consolegeneration games, which have the aim of inducing the player to giveup. While it was at the time of the beginnings of video games havestate-of-the-art, the player explores the game itself and draws itsconclusions, the title of modern audiences become ever more hands.Through extensive tutorials and the ability to quick save gamedesigners try compulsively to avoid the player every little moment offrustration. With Demon's Souls of Japanese development studio FROMSOFTWARE 2009 a game was on the Japanese market, which has thrown allof these principles to the winds.

The searching soul of our protagonistfinds himself in a world drawn into the undead and demons in a lastbattle against dragons are immortal and they have torn it intodarkness. The "Flame of the beginning", the last symbol ofhope in this

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forsaken place, is just about to go out but we are notalone in this place. With us wander still further, restless spiritsaround and tell each of their own history and witness her very ownsuffering in this bleak world. Some of them will lose in this and getaway from her ever again.

In places the vision in Dark Soulsbreathtaking and fascinating. Fascinating, especially because one ofalmost everything that you see on the horizon at some point may eventravel. Breathtaking because the lighting and atmosphere of theoffered is excellent. Apart from that shines on the technical qualityof Dark Souls rather with the kind of superior design of theenvironment, the monsters and the armor and weapons than ever withsharp textures and brutal explosion effects. In some places there arenasty framerate drops that the balancing of the game to throwsomething out of the train, but were fixed with patch 1.03 alreadyfar as possible. Only with the vision and the many light sources toLevel "Blighttown" the game still has its problems.