It may not look it, but the i-Mate 8150 Ultimate hides a lot of new functionality; functionality that you don't get in your average Windows PDA. The biggest talking point is the screen: a pin-sharp, 2.6-inch, VGA (640x480 pixels) unit. Edges of fonts are noticeably smoother as compared to QVGA screen (320x240) that is so common in almost all smartphones and PDAs.

A very handy feature is the XGA (1 024x768 pixels) TV out. A separate cable is provided for this that can connect to the D-sub NGA) input of a monitor or projector. The cable connects to a proprietary port on the device and also allows for audio out using a 3.5 mm cable. Once the external screen feature is activated on the device, the device's screen goes blank and then serves only as a touchpad. This feature is great for presentations, office docs, audio files, and even videos. There'll be many who will be fooled into thinking that you've actually connected a laptop to the display.

Then there's the specs: Windows Mobile 6, a 520 MHz processor, 128 MB RAM, and 256 MB flash memory built-in, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Infrared, FM-it has a lot in its 150 g frame. It doesn't differ much from the average PDA in the sense that the camera is like an afterthought. It's there because many people wouldn't want to spend so much on a phone 'without' imaging capabilities. Battery life is great, thanks to the capacious 1530 mAh unit. You'll get 2 days easy with about 6.5 hr of continuous talktime.

Possibly the addition of a built-in GPS receiver would have better suited the 'Ultimate' moniker. And I didn't like the keypad too much; the keys are of different lengths, have alphabets printl'ld on one corner and numbers on the other corner. But you still have to press the key dead center. If you do want an 'Ultimate,' you should also be looking at the Ultimate 8502 which should also be making its way to our shores soon. There's also some other competition in the form of the HTC TyTn II which is also in the pipeline.

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Specs: Quod bond with EDGE/3G,
Intel Bulverde 520 MHz processor,
2.6-inch, 262k VGA (640x480 pixel) touchscreen,
Windows Mobile 6.0/ 128 MB RAM,
256 MB ROM, MicroSD slot,
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, 2 MP cornero,
FM, video out,
1530 mAh Li-ion battery, 152g.