The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) announced that the HTML5 language will be finalized in July 2014 when a last call for comments will be held in May 2011.

This last call, also known as Last Call, is an important step in language development HTML5 because from there the HTML5 specification will be frozen. Developers are invited to participate and give their opinion on all of the features of this language.

Next came the phases of feedback from implementers and testing. Implementors are responsible for integrating the HTML5 specification in their products. Suddenly, all browsers on the market (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, etc..) Will ensure proper support for the HTML5 features, at least those they choose to integrate their browser.

The testing phase is there to ensure the best possible interoperability. In other words, the ideal at the end of this stage is that once a website developed in HTML 5, it appears exactly the same on all browsers. The sequence of all phases should hopefully lead to a finalization of HTML5 in July 2014 will become a standard. This is a major change since the last version HTML4.01 launched in 1999.