The tablets are for several months the subject of fantasies for all the major players High-Tech.Most have decided to try their luck on this new market by announcing a model.

Sony could release a tablet of 9.4-inch Honeycomb Android on the horizon of the beginning of September. The interface is customized by Sony to build on the experience of the brand on its other mobile products.

The tablet is in complete interaction with the portal Qriocity (dedicated to music, video games, VOD and other eBooks) but also other components of the brand. It could serve as a remote luxury for the Bravia. The PlayStation would not be forgotten and the tablet should also be closely linked to the game console.

The originality of this tablet would come from its design, more ergonomic than the one currently offered by competing models. The grip is reminiscent of a magazine or a book. Side configuration, nothing exceptional in the program. Tablet Sony will integrate Nvidia Tegra chip 2, a slab with a definition of 1280 800 pixels, two sensors photo / video or even a USB port and infrared.