AMD has just launched a new version of its Catalyst drivers. Stamped 11.2, they bring their own set of bug fixes, new features and enhancements.

AMD Catalyst 2.11 drivers include drivers and the Catalyst Control Center version 8821 and proved compatible with the Mobility Radeon HD2000 GPU mobile, HD3000, HD4000 and HD5000 also with the new Radeon HD6000M. However, as usual, laptops equipped with anIntel chipset with the graphics and technology switchable graphics are not supported like the laptops brands Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba.

Among the new features present in these new Catalyst drivers 11.2, there is an option that lets you adjust the tessellation in games for the Radeon HD5000 and HD6000. Morphological support for the Anti-Aliasing (Antialiasing) for the Radeon HD5000 is also the party while it is now possible to adjust the video quality of Blu-Ray 3D with Radeon HD6000.

The foundry also announced performance improvements in games Call of Duty: Black Ops (+11% with the Radeon HD5000) and Batman Arkham Asylum (+40% with the Radeon HD5000) as part of a single card configuration with anisotropic filters and anti-aliasing enabled.