At CES in early January 2011, Samsung introduced a new line of laptops called 9 Series 13.3 inch format. We discover that the Samsung 9 Series also comes in a more compact size of 11.6 inches. This new ultraportable 11.6-inch Samsung 9 Series takes a similar appearance to its big brother by 13.3 inches or sleek and elegant appearance that is reminiscent of the MacBook Air from Apple.

An external optical drive will be offered as an option and for now, no one knows it will receive as his big brother a backlit keyboard. In all cases, configuration is fairly attractive with a low-power processor and SSD, which compensates somewhat the low amount of RAM on board, below the current standards.

It also appreciates that his panel has a matte treatment more suitable for a glossy ultraportable that is overly prone to glare in bright environments such as machine wants nomadic and can be used outdoors for example.

This Samsung 9 Series of 11.6 inches is announced at 1164.59 dollars overseas, but the Korean company did not wish to confirm its price at the moment so well that it guaranteed the presence of a Core i3. Still, if it comes out in the hex at an attractive price, this new ultraportable could overshadow the MacBook Air 11.6 inch.