Since last week, many of you to ask us every day as models equipped with the latest Intel Sandy Bridge (Huron platform) will be available on the market. Rather than continue to respond individually, we decided to review the thorny issue.

Regular readers have probably noticed. Shortly after the official announcement of the Intel platform Huron River in early January, the first notebooks with new Intel Sandy Bridge are rapidly emerged among e-tailers French. Readers have the fastest also ordered and received in the aftermath a few days later their new precious.

Rebound in early February, Intel announced that about 5% of its cards are affected by a malfunction in the chipset . The problem affects the performance of SATA ports 2-5. The first two SATA ports are spared. Prudence is the mother of safety, dealers withdraw all potentially affected few hours after the announcement of Intel. Accordingly, it is now impossible to find a laptop with Sandy Bridge processor on the market. Hence the questions many readers eager to know when they will again break their little pink pig to acquire the coveted phone.