The final version of Firefox 4.0 comes again to see its release delayed by Mozilla who now announces for the month of March 2011.*At the same time, we find models of user interface for Firefox 5.0.

If you believe a developer of Mozilla, the publication of 12 of the beta Firefox 4.0 is imminent. Release Candidate it is scheduled for February 25 and on the final version of the browser, it will wait until March to be able to download, if all goes as planned.

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Then, things should pick up because Mozilla plans to release no fewer than three major versions of its browser over Firefox 4.0 in 2011: Firefox 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0. Manager plug-ins and extensions could also undergo a facelift to make the assembly more simple example shows that if they were installed by the user or by a third party.

Firefox 5.0 is designed to improve speed, stability and interface of the browser but also the account manager and user interface sharing.*In addition, a 64-bit Windows must be created and animations take place side interface.