If you have a smartphone Samsung Phone Windows 7, the first update of the operating systemmight be going worse than expected. Several users have risen, mainly in the United States, malfunctions in connection with the deployment of this update.

In the best case, the upgrade process will not start. At worst, the update fails at the last stage and stops the smartphone. Only solution then try the restore procedure and if it remains inoperative, it will send the mobile VAS.

A priori, these failures are linked to multiple firmware installed on smartphones Samsung. The firmware would potentially incriminating early versions, the reference begins with JIX or JJX.JKX the firmware would not be affected.

To know the firmware version installed on your smartphone, just type the keys in succession # # 634 # then press the call button to start the diagnostics application. Then you have to tap the keys * # 1234 #. You will have access to the firmware version installed on your smartphone.