As always, the Nvidia Quadro aim to integrate laptops vocational and especially models at least 15 inches. The new Quadro 1000M, 2000M, 3000M, 4000M and 5010M enjoy architecture Fermi and therefore support DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.1 without forgetting Shader Model 5.0.*Technology Vision 3D Pro is also present.

However, only the 5010M Nvidia Quadro take ECC memory technology that enhances the integrity of data in memory to minimize errors.

All, however, are equipped with technology that automatically switches Optimus and in real time between the graphics Intel GMA integrated HD processor (Arrandale in Calpella platform or Sandy Bridge in Huron River) and the dedicated graphics card (ie Quadro ) and that as required by soliciting the only dedicated GPU when performance of the Intel GMA HD prove insufficient to meet the tasks performed by the user.

Those who make reports in very high resolutions will probably delighted to learn that it is possible to treat the textures and make records in 16K x 16K.*These GPUs are also compatible with the drivers for graphics cards Verde mobile and desktop.