The Trim control would be present under the new operating system Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Apple who does bear, however, that under certain conditions. The peculiarity of the Trim control is to enable a better life by preventing the SSD performance does degrade over time.

If data must be written on the SSD instead of another, it is first necessary to erase the previous data to make room for the new unlike mechanical hard drives that will overwrite to insert other .*Now the flash cells wear out faster than the magnetic surfaces of hard disks.*Trim made sure that all this is done properly and as efficiently as possible for SSD.

Yet so far although he integrated his laptop SSD, Apple did not support this command, or at least its systems do not support unlike Windows 7 from Microsoft. But things will change with Mac OS X 10.7, the new operating system from the firm at the apple known as the Lion.

The Trim control is well supported under this new OS from Apple, but for now it appears that this support is limited.*Indeed, according to several sources, only the SSD installed and supplied by Apple could see the Trim control support under Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.