Furthermore Asus, MSI also has its stand at CeBIT 2011 and unveils its new laptops including gamers with GT780 (R) and GX780 (R) platform in Huron River with dedicated Nvidia graphics card last generation.

The GT780R GX780R and adopt a format with a 17.3-inch glossy HD (1920 1080) and boarded a Core i7 Sandy Bridge coupled to a maximum amount of RAM, 16 GB of DDR3.Side storage, these models in their R version will have two hard drives in RAID 0 with a maximum capacity of 500 GB at 7200 rpm each (a single hard disk for versions GT780 and GX780).
Of course, Turbo Drive Engine technology to increase performance is part of the MSI as Premium Sound and THX TruStudio Pro to provide a good quality sound.

The graphic part is however what differentiates MSI GT780R and GX780R. While the MSI GT780 is equipped with the new Geforce GT 555 m 1 Gb GDDR5 Nvidia, the MSI GX780 he enjoys the new Geforce GTX 560M GDDR5 firm to the chameleon. The latter part of his name will provide more performance but both should satisfy most players in practice.

The right side receives only the optical drive and 2 USB 2.0 ports while on the left found including audio ports, a third USB 2.0 card reader and 2 USB 3.0. A home in Kensington, a power connector, Ethernet port and HDMI and VGA outputs not to mention a complete e-SATA port it to the rear.