While there is little launched version 10.2 of its Flash player, Adobe communicates on the next major version of Flash Player 11, which will support 3D hardware acceleration. The experimental version of Flash Player 11 integrates the 3D API Molehill as Adobe uses hardware acceleration and therefore the graphics capabilities of computers to provide true 3D, without seeking the processor.

The ability to use 3D in a browser without installing anything other than Flash will develop many applications and games. However, difficult at present to know what happens in the 3D systems with no graphics acceleration.

API Molehill indeed requires the presence of at least a graphics card DirectX 9 on Windows, the OpenGL 1.3 Linux and MacOS X, and OpenGL ES 2.0 in mobile devices. For now, Flash Player 11 is still in its infancy and is part of the Air and Flash Player Incubator which aims to provide the fastest possible new features and better communicate with developers.