For now, we know very little specific about Windows 8, the upcoming operating system from Microsoft that will succeed Windows 7 in 2012. However, we discover some captures of the new OS published by a Chinese site.

Wallpapers mention of discretion it is necessary to adopt towards the development of Windows 8.
We also discover a taskbar that is very similar to that present on Windows 7, with a little novelty, however, since the driver installation can be easily followed, the icon is linked to the filling of green gradually as and when the installation.

Also in the taskbar, an image appears on the lower right linked to the user who can easily access their Windows Live account, and probably to the App Store from Microsoft. We also learn that the installation time for Windows 8 is relatively short, about 8 minutes with a PC with a processor with 8 cores, 24 GB of RAM and hard drive 2 TB The restoration of the system would be it in just 2 minutes.