Windows 8 might provide a lighter theme based on Aero interface Metro for machines with a small configuration. So the rumors continue around Windows 8, the new operating system successor to Windows 7 in 2012, some catches were filtered through the canvas there are ten days.

While so far there was talk of a common interface called Wind for any type of device on Windows 8 and adapt according to the machine on which it runs but also the board configuration (supporting or not 3D effects), it is now also issue another interface.

Under the devices with a small configuration, one could find in Windows 8 and an interface based on the Metro, the user interface of Windows Phone 7. This would be a kind of Aero / Wind Light, a lighter version of the classic interface of Windows 8.

Difficult at present to know what it is then that the user interface of the new Windows operating systems is often revealed only late by Microsoft that focuses initially on the functionality and heart of the OS before dressing. In any case, Steve Ballmer says the new Windows will be visually very different from Windows 7. But we know, between initial intentions and what the final product proves to be, sometimes there are important differences.