While nearly 12 betas have succeeded in recent months and that the Release Candidate has been delivered there a fortnight, Damon Sicor Mozilla Foundation says it received a particularly warm welcome and that the testers final version is close.

He said that for now, no particular bug does Mozilla make the Release Candidate 1 of Firefox 4.0 final version. In all cases, the Mozilla team have agreed on the date of 22 March 2011 to make available to the public the final version of the new Firefox 4.0 browser.

But if concerns are discovered in the meantime, a Release Candidate 2 will be put on fast track and a new date of publication of the final version will be chosen. Hopefully, however, this does not happen and that Mozilla will no longer delay in its release schedule for Firefox 4.0.

Let us recall that this month Google released version 10 of its Chrome browser and Microsoft yesterday launched Internet Explorer 9. Mozilla has a vested interest in not too long before delivering the final version of Firefox 4.0, a version of which the first beta was released last June and was initially expected in late 2010.