While Intel is expected to officially introduce its new mobile platform Cedar Trail Netbooks next April at the Beijing IDF, you learn more about Cedarview processors including their rates which are lower than those of Pineview Atom current platform for Pine Trail.

Currently, the Atom processor N450 and N455 Pineview have a single heart are marketed to 64 dollars while the Pineview Atom N550 and N570 Dual Core appear to 86 dollars, which is rather high for the CPU with the aim of integrate Netbooks, machines at low prices.

However, Intel will make an effort in this field with its new platform Cedar Trail. It is indeed composed of an Intel Tiger Point NM10 already employed in Pine Trail, which will limit costs for manufacturers.

But most importantly, work with Cedar Trail Cedarview Atom processors that should be marketed for $ 42 at the Cedarview Dual Core TDP of 3.5W cons for $ 47 at the Cedarview Dual Core TDP of 6.5W. It also teaches that it will require a ventilator, which will not be the case for the Cedarview Dual Core TDP of 3.5W (fanless).

A nice price drop so over Pineview Atom CPU Dual Core Single Core but also should encourage brands to move quickly in Cedar Trail platform when it becomes available and incorporate into future processors Netbooks Cedarview Atom Dual Core.