Rumors diverse and varied succeed on the web about Windows 8, the new operating system from Microsoft that will succeed Windows 7 in 2012. Screen shots of an installation of Windows 8, whose authenticity has not been confirmed, have just been published on the Net.

They must Winreview Russian site that launched an installation of a prerelease of Windows 8 directly in Windows 7.
The interface is uncluttered, clearly thinking about Metro and we note that Microsoft cares to ask the user if he wants to keep his accounts or not, personal files and programs.

A compatibility check is then performed and the installation process begins, requiring multiple reboots. All Raura took about 20 minutes from a virtual machine (VirtualVox).

Since yesterday, an alpha version of Windows 8 will be discreetly distributed to some manufacturers using the test program Connect. The first beta of Windows 8 it is expected next September if all goes well.