Introduced in early March, the new versatile laptop GE620 MSI format 15.6-inch displays now in France in a version called GE620-017. This laptop runs on Intel platform Huron River with a Quad Core Sandy Bridge, a DirectX 11 graphics card Nvidia latest generation technology Optimus, USB 3.0 and a Blu-Ray.

It is equipped with the Pro Cinema technology by simply pressing the dedicated button improves image quality and richness of sound. So qu'EasyFace is a facial recognition solution via webcam, EasyViewer allows her to manage the photos and make some adjustments.

Aboard this notebook because an optical drive that can read Blu-ray media in high definition which we may be able to benefit directly via the integrated display. "Maybe" because the resolution of the screen is a bit of a mystery, some mention of HD and other HD only 15.6 inches common term for a resolution of 1366 768. Prudence therefore at this level until we know more.

The 4 GB of RAM and Intel Core i7-2630QM guarantee for their share of strong performances in almost all situations, including multitasking, of course. With 4 cores, the CPU may further provide faster treatment under the greedy operator software multicore architecture like Adobe Photoshop for photography and Adobe Premiere for video. And as it is a quad-core Sandy Bridge, he joined a party Intel GMA 3000 HD unlike Clarksfield quad-core Calpella platform for.