Green House launches a new USB key, the F3 PicoDrive format USB 3.0.

The Japanese thus revealed its new USB PicoDrive F3 which has the standard USB 3.0 capable of delivering transfer rates up to 10 times greater than USB 2.0 as long as it is connected to a USB 3.0 port directly integrated into the computer or via an ExpressCard adapter for example.

Of course backward compatible USB 2.0, Green House PicoDrive F3 weighs 13.5 grams and measures 73.2 x 19.75 x 9mm.

With a spartan appearance with its dark colors and matte surfaces, it is equipped with a hood and offers speeds of 120 MB / s read and 80MB / s write for both 32 GB and 64 GB cons respectively 120 Mbps and 45 Mbps for the 16GB model.